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5 tips every woman should know to look stylish and feel comfortable


As humans, clothes are one of our necessities, but being able to dress chic and stylish every single day is a skill that takes time to master. Searching the wardrobe for the right clothes to wear is a common struggle that all women face, but for whatever reason you need to wear clothes, comfort is a must

As a lover of fashion, If I were to describe my style in one word, it would definitely be “comfort”, and not once have I ever had to sacrifice my comfort for style, but judging what feels comfortable can also be a matter of great complexity because what feels comfortable to a person may or may not be comfortable to another. 

One important thing you should have at the back of your mind is that comfort isn’t solely dependent on how tight or loose what you’re wearing is, but rather, how you feel deep inside when rocking the outfit. 

 So if you’re looking for simple ways to appear stylish, this article is for you, keep reading to discover the top 5 tips that we’ve carefully put together for every woman who desires to be comfortable in smart and trendy outfits.

Tips every woman should know;

1. Let go of the old stuff!

This is where every woman needs to start. Open your closet and take a good look at your clothes, then ask yourself one simple question – if you were in a store, which items would you choose to buy? This is very efficient if you want to stop spending hours in front of your closet in search of the right outfit to wear. As for the clothes you no longer need, you could choose to dispose of, donate, or sell them off.

2. A comfortable outfit is a must

Regardless of the occasion, If you don’t pick out your clothes carefully, you might end up readjusting or fixing up your dress now and then which can be very embarrassing.

Frumpy or baggy clothes are also totally no-no! So whether you’re having your clothes tailored or buying them off-the-rack, its best you have your exact measurements in mind. In case you don’t know your measurements by heart, get a measuring tape, and write down the exact numbers.

Cozy, Comfy Outfit Ideas
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3. There are rules for showing skin

Yes! There are rules in fashion, but the simplest of them all is to only show one body part at a time. Revealing too much skin will make you appear trashy rather than elegant, but showing just the right amount of skin is essential in creating a stunning appearance. 

Looking and feeling attractive shouldn’t be based on how naked you are so when in doubt, remember to reveal less, not more. 

4. Handbags and Belts are your best friends when looking sleek is the goal

Handbags and belts are among the most relevant and versatile accessories a woman must have in her clothing collection. And there’s no such thing as having “too many” when it comes to bags, belts, and purses, but it’s also mandatory to pay close attention to what type fits you the most. 

For starters, you should have at least three different handbags (small, medium, and big) for different occasions.  

When selecting a belt for an outfit, it’s key to note that a suitable belt can make any outfit appear better, and when this is done the right way, it’ll surely accent your figure by making your waist thinner

it’s important to plan outfits that have top and bottom complement each other. If you’re wearing wide-leg pants or a full skirt, consider partnering it with a fitted or cropped top. And if you’re wearing a loose shirt, try pairing it with tight pants.

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Handbags - Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

5. Invest in Styles that Work for Your Shape

Having a long list of clothes that look great on you requires strategic shopping, so it’s essential to invest in designs that work in accordance to your body shape. If you’re indecisive of what clothes work best for you, take a good look at the flattering items you already own and shop for other pieces with the same silhouette.

 You could also have some fun by switching things up with different fabrics, colors, and embellishments while maintaining the confidence inside knowing that you look fantastic.

Bonus Point

Every woman understands the pain of trying to find something to wear, so rather turn up late with a hand full of excuses, try to assemble some comfortable and ready-to-wear outfits beforehand.

Finally, some garments may be see-through during the day, so while shopping, make sure you check them out in different lighting. 

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