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All about fashion in Switzerland


Switzerland is not only famous for snow covered alps, cheese fondue, Swiss trains or Rolex watches. But the people of Switzerland are famous for their fashion sense and luxurious lifestyle. Fashion designers of Switzerland are highly preferred by famous Hollywood celebrities. Jungle Folk, Sanikai, Urbankissed, Calida etc are the popular clothing brands in Switzerland.

Bern, the capital city of Switzerland is shopaholics ultimate fashion paradise. The people of Switzerland spend huge amount of money on designer clothes and jewelry, shoes, watches etc. The city streets include fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants etc. Swiss fashion industry is buzzing with aspiring designers and trendsetters. 

All about fashion in Switzerland:

Swiss fashion industry is captivating in many ways. We have listed few things about fashion in Switzerland:

Platform for new designer: The rich culture of Switzerland has laid a strong foundation for young designers. The fashion industry known for brands like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein is now shifting focus on new brands and talented designers. Julian Zigerli, the young designer has created waves in the men's fashion industry. He is the most sought after designer in Swiss Fashion world.

Best Shopping Cities: Geneva, Gstaad and Bern are most preferred shopping destination cities.  Lady Gaga, Madonna are frequent visitors spotted shopping in these cities. Switzerland is also known for hosting several fashion related events like Zurich Fashion Week and many more. 

Eco-friendly fabrics: The people of Switzerland are nature loving people. So they prefer to use fabrics made of bamboo, hemp or Lenin. Eco-friendly clothing range is booming in Swiss fashion industry.

 The Swiss people fashion is at par during special or formal events. Abendkleider, an evening attire is the classic example at the Zurich Opera. So set aside sophisticated designer outfits for special occasion or dinner dates.

The weather in Switzerland is favorable most of the time. But sometimes the winters can get extreme. So keep ready a pair of scarf, hat, gloves and coat. Dress according to the season and occasion during your stay in Switzerland. People in Switzerland prefer dark colors like brown, black and gray. Bright and flashy colored attire are unacceptable in Switzerland. People in Switzerland stick to the phrase 'less is more.' People of Switzerland cannot go wrong with their strong fashion sense and luxurious lifestyle.