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Autumn Outfits in Switzerland

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

The colors of autumn reflect the colors of your wardrobe; when you decide to wear in Switzerland, reach for different items in earthy colors such as tans, browns, and oranges. In Switzerland, autumn is beautiful, but it's quite tricky for dressing. Because what works in the morning is mostly too warm by lunchtime. So, in Switzerland, like the other seasons, dressing for autumn needs easy to peel off and put back again layers. We come with this post to help you in packing for Switzerland or get started with autumn in Switzerland's wardrobe. 

Suitable Clothes for Autumn in Switzerland

Most people's wardrobe in Switzerland for autumn consists of jeans and long pants with lighter comfortable to layer t-shirts and blouses. On the other hand, little Z wears dresses with leggings or t-shirts, which are easy to shed and put back up when temperatures change.

Softshell jacket

Softshell jects are the best option for in-between weather, especially when the wind blows. The jacket's outer shell is water-resistant, while the inner fleece is warm. Warmer than a rain jacket but less than a ski jacket. 

Rain pants and jacket

When you travel to Switzerland, always try it with a rain jacket because you don't know when a short shower or long drizzle will begin. Please use a hiking raincoat and dresser rain coast, which are great for all occasions. 

Ultra-Long Down Jackets

If it's the end of the autumn, an ultra-light down jacket is an investment. Most people break out this kind of jackets in the weather is going to be under 10C. 

Effortless hairstyles

In Switzerland, women have a remarkable ability to have sleek looking hair that looks effortlessly natural. It seems like they never fuss with it much. It won't surprise me if they roll out of bed. Long hairs are in style, so start growing. When you visit Switzerland, throw your hair into a sleek high ponytail or bun and be on your way. 


Switzerland girls, especially city-dwellers, live in high heels. These fashionistas have many years of practice navigating cobblestone streets and slippery city sidewalks, so you may find yourself struggling if you select to wear a pair of stilettos. However, wedges are also handy and a bit more practical options since they offer different walking surfaces.
Additionally, no shoe collection is complete without pairs of boots. During the autumn season, you can wear ankle boots.  


Nothing is more elegant than the scarf, and they are the perfect way to pull on outfit together. A silk or cotton scarf is great for autumn. You can use any scarf according to your requirement. Sometimes, you may need to use the cozy and warm scarf. So, both warm, cozy, and cotton scarfs are useable in Switzerland autumn. 


According to my research, Switzerland ladies prefer a natural look when it comes to applying cosmetics. They'll use the base and don't overdo it. However, one thing they seem to like is lipstick, especially the Parisians. Bright red lipsticks are favorite. 

Hopefully, our post will help you to understand the fashion of Switzerland autumn. So, if you plan to visit Switzerland, you must read it because it will help you in packing autumn outfits.