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Sanitary Napkins: Eco Friendly Alternative


The choice as to which products to use during menstruation is a life-changing decision for people. A lot of us opt for menstrual cups or sanitary pads, but sadly they are not the best environment-friendly options to choose from. It is reported that women use about 10 000 sanitary pads and throw away 250-300 pounds of pads wastage in their lifetime. This implies that every month we spent more money on pads that cannot be recycled, which leads to further contaminants and increase the risk of more infectious diseases. 

Cloth pads are a perfect choice for those who do not feel comfortable using a menstrual cup. Cloth pads/reusable can be washed, reused, and produced in many designs and sizes. You can customize cloth pads according to your own blood flow and requirements. cloth pads are free from chemicals and reduce the risk of fungal infection and skin diseases. 

Now, how to choose from these options available in the market? There are many eco-friendly goods to choose from, depending on your particular needs and preferences. Here is a rundown on how reusable pads can be eco-friendly and also makes your periods a lot easier and more comfortable. 

The disposable sanitary pads / reusable cloth pads are washable, the only difference is that you don't throw them out as regular pads. Reusable pads are environmentally friendly and the daytime use is three to six hours. 


Reusable Pads/Sanitary Napkins are Eco-Friendly

Reusable pads are essentially somewhat like standard pads, except they are washable and easy to use. They are more ecologically friendly. They cause less waste material in landfills compared to the standard sanitary napkins. 

They are Less Expensive

Cloth pads in comparison with regular pads are less expensive. If you see this from an eco-friendly perspective you will find cloth pads much more convenient and easier to use.

They are Breathable and Bed-time Friendly

A cloth pad is less irritating than your usual pad and can allow you to relax and feel comfortable. Cloth pads are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes, strength to absorb, so you can pick what's right and convenient for you.

Easy and Accessible

Cloth pads are lightweight and less bulky and are easy to use on a daily basis. For on-the-go use, you can slip them into your backpack or pocket, so you can charge anywhere. Unlike other options pads are available at almost any drug store, retail store, and even supermarkets.