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Sustainable Fashion Review


Eco-fashion is synonymous with sustainable fashion. Sustainability in fashion is full of contradictions. The fashion concept always promotes a paradox to sustainability. 

Fashion is changing in its nature, with different tips and tricks also season being on the go frequently. To follow sustainability in its entails holding off on purchasing new clothes. 

Sustainable fashion is debated an increasingly covered in the media and fashion industry today. It is making accessories, clothes, shoes, and fashion-related products in such a way that it justifies sustainability in an eco-friendly manner as social-economic aspects.

Why purchases sustainable?

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You see that sustainability doesn't need sacrificing comfort or style. On the contrary, wearing environmentally friendly, sourced clothing is one of the stylish things that you can do.

It's essential to recognize that sustainability isn't about organic cotton or biodegradable fibers. True sustainability is more significant than that. It involves creating clothes that last longer. 

That clothing is a responsible and ethical way to recognize the value of people in the supply chain, using environmentally friendly processes that reduce pollution and waste creates programs that incentivize reuse and recycling.  

How to prioritize sustainability?

Here are some unique things to make sustainability priority.


Most brands don't make their accessories and shoes, but stock those pieces form other brands. It's a great way to introduce eco-friendly brands, both small and big. And the best way to quickly produce sustainable fashion to the world. 


The production can make the product cheaper for consumers. Still, it doesn't do good for the environment as it leads to a massive amount of waste to eliminate excess waste, mostly brands made in limited quantities. It means that every single piece is made with care and limited quantity. The selection is always changed, so there's just something new to find on-site. 


Brands work directly with mills to develop signature fabrics that do not feel great but are good for the environment. The signature models are made from sustainably harvested beechwood fabric. The organic cotton and mulberry silk are free of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful toxins. 

Tree planting

The brand plants tree in North America through American forests; an organization works to reforest the region. So far, the brand has planted over 220000 trees. Additionally, if you're not purchasing a tree, you can add a tree to the cart for one dollar.  

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Sustainable Brand Review

There're myths that sustainable fashion can't be trend luxurious and worthy as it promotes eco-friendly materials and products. 

If you look at the precisely, there're new techniques which are way experimental and innovative which can partake in sustainable fashion leading to downright visuals. It's available for affordable. 

Solely following the guidelines of RECYCLE and REUSE isn't enough to remain sustainable. 

Moreover, sustainability as a concept includes the use of non-renewable resources in a manner that the next generations would not be deprived of any necessities. 

However, fashion brands coming up with collaborations with NGO partners, working to eradicate human and poverty trafficking with social commitments and fair fashion to build goodwill among consumers and within the industry. 

By extension, this trend can work in revenue factors massively. You can think of earning form your wardrobe. 

Think of outfits or party wears that are unlikely to be worn more than once or twice. You can ferret out companies and accessories which are of less use on rental collect and sites some wages to purchase a brand-new dress.

Fashion trends in 2020 include a considerable part incorporating sustainable practices while keeping in mind social and ecological integrity. 

Is your Makeup Cruelty-Free?

If you check your makeup products, you will find it listed as an ingredient in most of them. Mica is a mineral that provides glowing highlights, glittery eyes, shiny lips.

It's, unfortunately, an ingredient with child labor, ethical issues, and human rights abuses. It is incredibly disappointing to see many brands that market themselves as cruelty-free have zero transparency about mica sourcing. 

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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Collina Strada

Collina Strada is a high energy New York brand that put colors and sustainability first. The vibrant and trippy tie-dye prints pieces made of deadstock fabrics are beloved by influencers and artists across the globe that include art writer and hit musician rosalia. This brand is a great fashion brand with high-quality products. 

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Chopova Lowena

This fashion brand takes its name from its British-Bulgarian founders, Laura lowena and Emma chopova. The brand has quickly racked up a list of stockists since the launch of the label in 2017, including farfetch, matches, and Browns, and becomes a street style. Each skirt is unique. You're going to need the necklaces and dresses too. 

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Olivia Rose 

This female-founded brand constructs adorable, event dresses featuring rushing, ice-cream hues, and puff sleeves. The brand keeps waste to reduce and fashion slow. 

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Finding a genuinely sustainable fashion, either clothes or makeup, isn't a simple endeavor. The industry is filled with fast fashion, those manufacturers and designers that pump out new trends as soon as possible, increase profit and damaging amount to the environment. Hopefully, this sustainable guide will help you a lot.