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Photo by Roghi Arabpour from Pexels

The New Fashion Guide of Spring / Summer 2020


It's time to be inspired by such a breathtaking 2020 fashion trend inspired from runaway shows to the street style, if you're feeling like you need a new wardrobe already then let’s dive into the pool of new fashion trends. Better ready to add these classiest trends to your wardrobe. These patterns are significant, creative, and wild. The ever-changing fashion style makes it hard to follow the trends so here it is your top spring/summer fashion trends of 2020.

1. The new-collar trend

The wide collar trend was seen all over the runway fashion shows. Wide pointy collar paired up with coats, jackets, and button-down t-shirts were the highlight of the spring/summer fashion trend. 

2. Crochet

The 70s trend of crochet made its comeback this fall and it is not your random grandma crochet sweater. This amazing colorful trend can be seen in fashion shows as well as street style. Crochet style is a fun and creative way to express your style. Think of ultra-feminine skirts, tailored suiting, and eveningwear that looks modern with a special touch of hand-made crochet. Certainly, the dresses on the runway are chic, trendy, and fascinating to wear in vibrant colors and glamorous cuts.

3. Classic Pearls

Jewelry comes to rescue any time we need to spice up our looks. For Spring 2020, pearls were the biggest jewelry trend to be seen on the runway. The classic pearls appeared in almost every shape, from single drop earrings to woven necklaces and even headpieces.

4. Colorful Jewelry

For this Spring and Summer, the color patterns are an eclectic combination of deep blues to light greens. A few lovely neutrals are thrown into the mix to make some stunning variations of colors. Colorful jewelry is all over the internet. This amazing trend was also spotted in spring/summer fashion shows. Your clothes will look even more trendy with the right chunky belt, or pair of sparkly statement earrings.

5. Ultra-Short Shorts

Ultra-short shorts or Bermuda shorts both are in trend this year. You can pair your short shorts in different ways. Pair them with long sleeves top. If you are wearing them with leggings then add knee-high boots to your look, it will enhance your whole outfit.

6. Patchwork Dress

This season patchwork is on its way to becoming one of the top trends ranging from subtle style to daring outfit inspirations. Whatever the trend you choose, all you have to do is pair it with different designs or embroideries. Patchwork can change a simple dress into something extra. Patches of various sizes and variations, including polka dots, stripes, and floral patterns will surely become an important facet of your spring and autumn looks.

7. Neon

It's all about neon this Summer. Neon has an overwhelming influence on fashion trends in both street style and runways. Go for shades of mint green or pistachio. This trend is not for the faint of heart. This brave and daring trend will express your creative, bold, and colorful nature. But if your approach to dressing is more subtle, pick a neon belt instead.